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OpenBSD: Sendmail with Attachment from Shell

Posted on April 27, 2018

A script to achieve sending an e-mail with attachment from shell in OpenBSD


The native sendmail command available in OpenBSD does not provide all the options known from versions available in other operating systems (e.g. -a to attach files). Therefore, a tiny workaround (script) needs to be done in order to achieve sending an e-mail with attachment from command-line interface (CLI).

The Script

OpenBSD uses ksh (public domain Korn shell) as the default shell. Most probably, the following script will work in other shells as well:

(echo -e "From: Name Surname <from@domain.tld>
         Subject: The Subject of the E-mail
         To: Name Surname <to@domain.tld>

         The first line of the body (message),
         the second line of the body of the e-mail." \
| sed 's/^[[:space:]]*//;s/[[:space:]]*$//' \
; uuencode /path/to/file file-name) \
| sendmail -t

A couple of notes to the script:

Tags: #OpenBSD #shell #ksh #sendmail #attachment

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