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Gentoo Linux: RAM Speed, Type and Other BIOS Info

Posted on February 24, 2013

To get detail about mainboard, RAM, slots voltage, and other BIOS info, download the following utility in Gentoo Linux


Download the sys-apps/dmidecode utility:

$ emerge sys-apps/dmidecode


BIOS info:

$ dmidecode --type bios

RAM details:

$ dmidecode --type memory

Processor type and features:

$ dmidecode --type processor

Mainboard details:

$ dmidecode --type baseboard

And others:

$ dmidecode --type system
$ dmidecode --type slot
$ dmidecode --type chassis
$ dmidecode --type cache
$ dmidecode --type connector

Advanced Usage

To determine, which PCI/PCI-E/AGP slots are free (available) or used (in use):

$ dmidecode -t 9 | grep -E "DMI type"|Usage|Type

Other Software

Or you can download the sys-apps/lshw utility:

$ emerge sys-apps/lshw


$ lshw -C memory
$ lshw -short -C memory

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