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CopperheadOS: Died

Posted on June 6, 2018

This is a short info related to CopperheadOS, which was a security and privacy focused operating system for smartphones compatible with Android apps…


In the 21st century, customer’s choice of mobile phones has been reduced to smart phones equipped with only two operating systems. It has always been pointless to argue, which one is better in the terms of privacy and security, as only those companies that were able to monetise information gathered from their customers have survived. The rest is history. As a result, here and there, now and then, another hopeful project arises from the ashes in an attempt to refresh and disrupt the stale environment of mobile communication only to return back where it came from due to lack of resources, promotion or general interest.

The keystones of a mobile operating system called CopperheadOS were:

The Death of the CopperheadOS

There was a lot of noise around the internet, Hacker News especially.

The King is Dead Hail to the King

Luckily, the original author of CopperheadOS continued his invaluable work on a new interesting project called the GrapheneOS. An installation tutorial can be found here.

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