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Climbing: Artificial Wall Holds Amount

Posted on December 1, 2017

This brief post tries to answer a simple question: “How many (climbing) holds will I need?”…

Building a Climbing Wall

The perfect amount will obviously differ as per each individual needs. However, a rough calculation can be used to determine the minimum number of (climbing) holds:

Athlete CategoryNumber of Holds
Elementary School24 to 32
Middle School18 to 24
High School16
Bouldering wall32
Top Rope wall16 to 24


Assuming that:


it is obvious, that the area considered by the second method is roughly half the size of the area considered by the first method.

Therefore, the recommendation of the first method to use at least 30 holds pretty much matches the recommendation of the second method (considering the high school category while doubling its numbers: 2x16 = 32).

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