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Arch Linux: Firefox Requires PulseAudio

Posted on January 1, 2017

As of version 52.0, Firefox package does not come with ALSA support anymore in Arch Linux. The hard dependency is (surprisingly) on PulseAudio. It is not for the first time, so this short info is how to deal with it once and for all…

A Short Intro

This is yet another example when the KISS approach misses the “simple” part. Currently, the package version “52.0-2” does depend on ALSA again, however; according to the package maintainers, it will be removed for good as of version 54, since: “The coming sandbox breaks ALSA.” It seems like a Mozilla’s issue then, right? Well, hold your horses

Anyway, wherever the truth is, I do not want to be wasting my time looking for it. I just want to have my freedom of choice.


The following possible solution hints are not provided in priority order whatsoever (everyone has their own needs and preference).

Apparently, the solution is to get rid of software which does not allow user to have a freedom of choice. And that means, to remove Firefox.

Pale Moon

There are many possible replacements as a result of true freedom of choice. I chose Pale Moon. The installation is possible from source:

$ yaourt -S aur/palemoon

or the pre-compiled binary:

$ yaourt -S aur/palemoon-bin


Waterfox is an open-source web browser based on Mozilla Firefox for 64-bit Windows, macOS and Linux systems. This free, open and private browser is yet another healthy alternative. The installation is possible from source/git:

$ yaourt -S aur/waterfox-git

or the pre-compiled binary:

$ yaourt -S aur/waterfox-bin

Other Browsers

For instance: community/seamonkey, community/opera, etc.

Firefox Removal for Good

$ yaourt -R firefox

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